Bad Water Brewing

A budding local beer brand owned by Divergent Holdings, LLC  based in Arizona.


From the beginning, it was the desire to culture a company that fit between the lines. Bad Water Brewing set forth to build a beverage company which could compete with industry giants by having a dynamic cosmopolitan energy, yet further compete with our beloved craft brewing brethren in the quest for supplying the best beer money can buy. Our vision to create this distinct beverage brand became our inevitable mission as the company set its roots with an Arizona manufacturing facility in mid-2012.

LogoBWB Logo

Bottle + Can Label and Packaging

Beer Bottle Presentation

BWB Packaging



Beer Tap Handle

BWB Beer Tap


BWB Poster 1

BWB Poster 2

BWB Poster 3

Sales Sheet

BWB Sales sheet






BWB iphone

BWB screens

About Ric Ryan

I am a Graphic Designer with years of creative experience specializing in the fields of brand identity/logo design, print and web design


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